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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look What The Cat Drug In.....

Or more appropriately titled: Look At The Cat I Drug In...

What an adventurous day to say the least. This morning we heard chaos down in the chicken coop, but I just figured the dogs were harassing them. A few hours later the kids ran in and told me there was a kitten in the coop. Now, you have to understand where we live it is quite rare to see a cat outdoors. If anyone keeps a cat, they keep them indoors as we have coyotes, mountain lions, owls, eagles and many other predators. So, if a cat is outdoors it usually doesn't last the night.

So, when the kids told me this story I didn't believe them, I thought they were pulling my leg or mistaken, perhaps they saw a squirrel or raccoon? Well, my oldest ran out to investigate and minutes later called saying, yes indeed, there is a kitten in the coop. He tried to catch it but it ran off. I ran down to investigate and spent some time trying to locate it with no luck.

I set up a little homemade safe trap to try and catch it as I was worried if we didn't get it indoors it would be a tasty treat for some wild animal. Several hours I went to check and I heard a faint meowing in our ran down ex-tack shed. It was clear this little kitten did not want to be caught. I called my oldest son down and we spent the next several hours trying to catch this little tiny critter.

I finally got her by the scruff of the neck and she seemed friendly enough so I went to pet her and she went psycho on me and bit me!! Hard! From then on she was hissing and growling the whole way up to the house.

We put her up in the bathroom until we could evaluate her and determine whether or not she(0r he, I never looked) is healthy before letting her in the main parts of the house where our other cats roam. She doesn't look all that great, but who knows how long she has been out doors. I did notice a rather large dead something in the corner of the tack shed, and at the time assumed it was a raccoon or something. We are now wondering if it is a cat and her mother, I plan on investigating that tomorrow. I am curious if there may be more around. We are now also wondering if this is where all of our eggs have been going as we haven't been getting any and have found some cracked open with all of the insides missing. She couldn't have done it as it appears she has been nursing until recently as she didn't know how to drink from a bowl until I put some milk on my finger than in the bowl. Perhaps mommy kitty was stealing the eggs?

The other concern is she isn't all that friendly. She attacked me, but maybe she was just scared as my husband who claims not to even like cats very much managed to pet her and get her purring. Then just now he was able to hold her!

The plan for now is to be sure she is healthy, get some meat on her bones(she is VERY thin) get her friendly and find her a good home. Anybody want a cat? We'd keep her, but we live in a teeny-tiny(not even 1200 sq ft) cabin with six of us, 2 indoor cats, and indoor dog, and 2 large mostly out door dogs, 2 mice, one parakeet and a snake, we just don't have the room! Plus after being so viciously attacked I can't say I am having warm fuzzy feelings toward her.

So, if you want a cute kitten and are in the S. California area, let me know!


ryandkris said...

I have always, always wanted an orange cat. How cute!

Missus Wookie said...

What a cutie, hope you manage to get some meat on her bones and find her a good home.

We're no where near S Ca however...