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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

I watched the greatest little movie last night; The Real Dirt on Farmer John

I don't know what inspired me to rent it to be honest, I think it came up as a recommended title from Netflix. I am so glad it did! This is a great documentary.

The main story line is about Farmer John himself and his story of losing the family farm, and re-starting it and his life journey through it all. There are many sub-stories that are equally as touching and interesting such as the relationship between John and his mother, such loving devotion on both ends. Then there was the whole 60's-70's hippie movement that John embraced and this actually plays a big part in the horrible lies and gossip that starts about John and leads to suspicion and dis-trust among his neighbors. This story line is something we can all learn from; how we shouldn't be so quick to judge others just because they are a little different. Too bad his neighbors were so quick to judge and believe the vicious lies that were told(among them, that he was a Satan worshipper and drug dealer) because they were so quick to judge and believe they missed out on getting to know a truly neat individual. Their loss, but unfortunately, it didn't come without cost to John.

Then comes the story line that led me to rent the movie to begin with; how he re-started his farm this time organically! I loved watching this part, the way so many interesting people of so many different backgrounds and cultures came together and helped this to happen. It's refreshing to see people who once had big careers with big paychecks to give it all up and come work the farm, I loved the working relationships between the Mexican farm workers and the other workers and volunteers.

Eventually Johns farm became a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm. Over time a rather large one at that! I highly recommend you check out the CSA link and see if there is a CSA you can become involved with, it is a great way to get to know your local farmer and get great, natural, healthy food for you and your family! We were involved in one until last year when our local farmer opted to start selling to local restaurants. We hope to find another soon.

Believe it or not, even with all of these details, I didn't give away the whole movie, there is just so much more to it than I could write here. You can go to the farms website to learn more or order the movie, or you can rent it from Netflix, but be sure to check it out!

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Red said...

I have visited CSA website and it is chocked full of wonderful information. Great site.

I will definitely be checking out this film. and another one we as cooking folks need to check out is King of Corn. That is on my Netflix list. Did I mention that I love documentaries. It gives us a peak into the real lives of real people.