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Monday, October 20, 2008

China's One Child Policy

As someone who has dreamed of adopting from China for sometime now I watched with great interest last night; China's Lost Girls, A National Geographic Special.

It was exciting getting to watch couples meet their daughters for the first time and embrace that long prayed for and dreamed of child of their own. But this movie left me with more concerns and questions then answers.

I had never really thought of the long term effects of the so called one child policy and the value of boys over girls. As the film toured China it was very obvious the boy/girl ratio. There are FAR many more boys than girls in China. What is going to happen when those boys are ready to wed and have their own families? Already they are seeing an increase in kidnapping of girls for the purpose of marriage.

One thing that troubled me as a prospective adoptive parent who desires an older child is what happens to the girls who aren't adopted by a certain age? When I first inquired about adopting from China, the agency told me it would be unlikely we would find an older child(I'm talking 4-6 years old, although I am willing to adopt much older as well) without extreme disabilities. When I asked why we were told the healthy children ALL get adopted at a young age. But watching this film, it didn't appear that way. They showed an orphanage with some healthy appearing children who they said would most likely spend their lives there without finding a home and family. So this leaves me wondering why they aren't available to adopt? What will happen to them?

Who determines the value of a life? Parents in China want boys, so they are valued and girls are literally thrown away. Here in America it seems these precious girls are highly valued, so long as they are cute, smiling babies. Not so valued once they reach a certain age? I don't get it. To me ALL life should be equally valued. American children need loving homes as much as Chinese children. Older children need love as much as precious babies. Girls are certainly valued or should be as much as boys. Whose values are we basing our judgments and value system on anyway?

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The Cooking Lady said...

I understand why they implemented the 1 child rule, but because the husband wants a son, females are disposable.

Dan Marino and his wife adopted a baby Chinese girl a while back. They can afford it. But what about children in this country, are they less worthy than those in China?

Why go out of our own country when there are so many children here in the good ole US of A who need good homes.

Great post though.