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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

God Grew Tired Of Us....

By now you probably know I love documentaries and quirky types of movies. This weekend I watched to most touching and impacting documentary I have ever seen!

This film follows several of Sudan's Lost Boys. Young(some very young!) boys who were forced to leave their war ravaged homeland and walk on foot hundreds and hundreds of miles to a refugee camp. Several(half) of the boys died, leaving the older boys to bury the bodies. There were no adults to care for them, so the older boys cared for the younger ones. They formed their own family of sorts. The suffering these young boys went through is just unimaginable. Yet it is so touching how these boys cared for and loved each other.

Several got to come to America and start new lives. I was touched how even though they were getting a fresh start and great opportunity, many were more concerned about those they left behind.

The film had it's funny and amusing moments as well, such as these young men having to learn to use electricity, running water and other things we just take for granted.

Another thing that struck me was the work ethic these young men have. They are willing to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and send money back home. Many worked and went to school getting degrees. Many at least temporarily put education on hold to work yet another job to send even more money back home. These men valued education, something many of us take for granted. These young guys went with only a couple hours of sleep, so they could work more hours at low paying jobs like McDonald's. Something I know from experience many young Americans feel they are above doing! These young men paid the government back for their airfare!

I think for me as a Christian one thing that I just can't get out of my mind was one of the men's desire for an explanation on Christmas Trees and Santa Claus. He wanted to know why we use these things to celebrate Christmas? Are they in the Bible? He said in his country Christmas was a very spiritual time, a time for preparing hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ, and he just didn't understand this whole Santa thing. He was begging for an explanation. Very wise young man! That is something while I celebrate it, I just don't get myself!

Believe it or not, I really didn't just explain the whole movie! There is still so much more to see and learn than what I could write here! I HIGHLY recommend this movie for all teens and adults, it is potentially life changing. I think it is great to give especially teens a perspective on how good we really do have it here in America. Our country may be going through a difficult time, with more to come I fear, but still it is nothing compared to the struggles of others in developing nations. I don't like using guilt to make a point, and this movie doesn't do that either. While parts are definitely tear jerking, it is actually an inspiring film, not a feel sorry for us film.

This movie inspired me to do more research on Sudan and the Lost Boys and the organizations many of the men from this film started and ones that others started as a result of learning about the situation. I am just so disappointed we as Americans don't learn of things like this or Rwanda until major films are made. Why?? And when we do, why isn't more done? How does our government pick and choose who to help? Sadly I think I am beginning to see the answer to that question, and I don't like it.


Red said...

Can anyone say Lord of the Flies? I know it is not exactly the same, but you get my meaning.

I am not a person of faith, but I too wonder about the representation of Christmas. How did we go from the birth of Christ to sitting on a old mans lap at the local mall waiting an hour for 'the sitting'.

I enjoy the holidays for the reason of family and feasting. I do not mean gorging ourselves til we can't move from the table...I mean enjoying a well prepared meal, sitting down and taking our time enjoying said meal.

I love the ambiance when there are so many folks sitting down at one table.

I too love documentaries. Birds of a feather I guess. I will scour this on Netflix and try to find it.

appleleaf said...

They got a great title. I'd be interested in wathcing it on the basis of that hook. And the nature of the documentary sounds fascinating too.
I might try to look it up too.