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Monday, October 20, 2008

It's About Parental Rights

I may surprise many of my friends on both sides of this issue when I admit that until very recently I struggled with how I was going to vote on Prop. 8 this November.

See, I have had many gay friends throughout my life, and I do feel they should be allowed a "civil union" with rights to carry health insurance for their loved one or be present in the hospital as family. So, I was really wondering how voting "No" would in any way affect me or my family negatively.

Well, the answer came in the form of this video I snagged from a blog I visit often:

I have a very serious issue any time mine or anothers parental rights are in any way violated. To me it's not so much a matter of whether homosexuality should or shouldn't be taught in the schools, it's an issue of the parents rights to parental notification.

Back when I was a youth, I remember my mom having to sign for me to take sex-ed. and even evolution. Now it seems parents have no rights what so ever to be notified of what their children are being taught and exposed to in school. One of many reasons I homeschool my own! We talk about these issues in our daily lives. We talk about all sides of an issue whether it be sex or science or anything else. That is NOT what public school educators do! In my home we talk about creation, but we also talk about evolution. We study in depths many world religions and have friends of many different religions for our children to talk to if they so wish or have questions I cannot answer. In public school, Islam is a REQUIRED subject to be studied(at least here in Ca.) but only Islam. I wouldn't have an issue if it was part of a curriculum on world religions, including a study on many religions not just one. If not, fine, but allow a parent to choose to opt their child out of the class!! Notify parents when these sensitive subjects will be taught!

So, my concern seems to be a valid concern that if gay marriage is a legal marriage in Ca. then it will be taught in grades as young as kindergarten, with no parental notification. I am totally OKAY allowing equal rights for all until it infringes upon mine to parent my own children!

Parents, this is a serious issue. This isn't just about Prop. 8. Parents really need to take their rights back from the government in regards to their precious children! It seems that once your children cross the threshold of those public school doors you lose all rights for the time they are there! This should not be allowed to happen. It only has because many aren't aware it's happening(or happened) so no one is making any noise over it!!

Search the Internet and see for yourself what is going on! There have been cases of children being told to sign confidentiality agreements in regards to sensitive topics at school promising not to tell their parents. NOT okay!!

Like other things we will be voting for this election, vote your own conscience, but make sure it's an informed vote. Don't listen to just the commercials of those endorsing either side of the issue, search the web, inform yourself.

We seem to be freely giving up more and more of our rights everyday, or having them taken and not even noticing until it's too late when it is affecting YOU or your own family personally. Equal rights aren't so equal when someone elses are taken away.

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The Cooking Lady said...

Religious overtones aside (for I am a woman who follows no religious beliefs), this is wrong, and this was not the reason we began homeschooling, but it is a very good reason to begin homeschooling.

No one should be allowed to teach your children anything sexual in nature unless you have given permission. In my day, if you wanted your child to have sex-ed, then you had to sing for it.

This is a line I think needs to be drawn. I am all for the gays having many rights, heck, many of their relationships last longer than some marriages I know.

But marriage to me is between a man and a woman. Call it a unification, union, but not a marriage. We too, in Florida, will be voting on a similar bill.

P.S. Slow down on the posting, I got lots of reading to catch up on with. *Big grin*