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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Big Back Yard

After a taking a long hiatus of our hiking adventures due to Daniel's burn, we decided it was time to get going again! But with it getting dark earlier and earlier each day, driving to our hiking destination seemed out of the question. So we headed out our door and into our own back yard. Well, technically it's the neighbors back yards!

After a short walk up our dirt road we turn onto a little path that the bikers and horse riders like to take and this is our immediate view:

A little walk up that trail and there is a dried out creek bed... we just hike up that aways:

It gets pretty rocky and rough at parts...

But they made for some great photo stops.

Here is where the creek ends and it opens up into a meadow-like area. Normally we'd make a right here and get back on the bike/horse trail and head home, but our tour guide missed the turn!
And we go LOST!! After walking down this ditch for a while we thought we were near the trail and had to whack our way through brush and stickers trying to find our way. We weren't as close as we thought and ended up on quite the adventure with hungry whinny kids who thought we'd never get home alive!

Eventually our tour guide did redeem himself by finding the trail and getting us home on time to enjoy dinner and the treats the kids had waiting at home!
While disappointed we can't hit the trails I love so much, I really shouldn't complain, how many people here in Southern California have all of this in their own back yards?
Tomorrow I will post about a few things I've learned about hiking with kids. Most of this learned by our own successes and failures on the trail!

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The Cooking Lady said...

How dare you post these pictures, knowing good and well your reading public will be totally jealous.

Wish I had such a backyard!