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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Does anybody else feel as frustrated and annoyed watching the news as I do? Is it really news worth watching anymore? Right now isn't as bad as usual thanks to election season and the economy there is some "real" news being broadcast, but normally??

Lets see normally most of the thirty minute nightly news consists of whether Brittany Spears was wearing underpants or not(or was that Lindsay Lohan?) how many DUI's either of these "ladies" had, who broke up with who, and who got a new tattoo.

Even now amongst all the election coverage, searching the news headlines on Yahoo today I came up with some idiot who left his money in an unzipped bag and it weathered a storm, and got chewed up and cr*pped on by rats and yet he still expects the bank to reimburse him!!?? Oh, and by the way it appears they are! Then we have a Miss Teen(can't recall whether it was USA or a state level) who got her crown taken away for not paying for a meal and some other mis-doings. WHO CARES??

How many children died or were orphaned in Africa or elsewhere due to AIDS today? How many children or adults died of lack of clean water or food? How many Iraqi or American soldiers did we lose today? Sure you can find the answers to these if you take it upon yourself to search the web, but to turn on your local news and get anything newsworthy is a whole other story!

Here in S. California a biggie is car chases. It doesn't really matter whether it is high speed or even low speed it is BIG news and happens fairly often. So anything that might actually be of interest is put aside to watch hours and hours of a car chase! UGH!!

Okay, I'm done....I could go on, but wont. I just want to see some real news. I don't care what the so called celebrities are wearing or doing, and I really am quite bored with car chases. I want to know what is going on in my local and national government, and a bit of what is going on in the rest of the world. If it weren't for National Geographic specials and documentary makers and my own curiosity I wouldn't have a clue!

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The Cooking Lady said...

And people wonder why I do not watch the news. I could chuck my TV in a heartbeat. Heck, you can watch on your computer, most of the TV shows in a 24 hour period. So you don't get to discuss the latest sex scene of Dirty Sexy Money...who cares?

I want a custom package where I can pick and choose my channels. There would be a huge upheaval here, but we would adapt.