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Monday, October 27, 2008

They Said It Wouldn't Last...

And it's been 19 years in about 2 hours and 40 minutes from now!!
When we got married several friends and even my own mother said we would be lucky to make it three months, I hope they're eating those words now!
I can see why they thought that, we were young, stupid, and eloped after only dating a few weeks. Of course we had planned a long engagement and big wedding, but family on both sides drove me up the wall with requests, complaints, you name it, that one day while my then fiancee was at work I called the local wedding chapel and made arrangements to wed that night!
He had kept saying we should elope, but like most girls I wanted the dress, the cake, the whole thing. But one day I got fed up and without him even being aware gathered a few friends and arranged for our elopement. He not knowing what was going on was late getting home and I was nearly in tears, that I had been stood up on my wedding night(I did admit to being young and stupid, remember?) Luckily he barely made it before the chapel closed shop for the night and we got married, in a business suit rather than the beautiful white dress I dreamed of, but it was official, we were husband and wife now!
We've been through richer and poorer. Started off poor, did well for a few years and are now struggling again. We've been through sickness and health between our own health and that of our kids and parents. We've survived one child's severe special needs and drug addiction. We're surviving raising grand kids while still raising our own. We have had more than our fair shares of ups and downs in this game of life, but 19 years later we're still here, together.
I wish I would have bet money when the rest of them were, I'd be a rich woman!

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Red said...

They told us the same thing and we celebrated 27 years this past July. Holy Anniversery Batman!