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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why I No Longer Have Cable TV

Actually I've never had cable, we are too rural for that fancy stuff! But we have had satellite TV for years until recently.

Honestly there are many reasons we don't have satellite programming any longer ranging from trying to live a simpler lifestyle and saving money, to trying to limit what our children are exposed to. But one of the main reasons we no longer subscribe is due to lack in choice of programming.

There are a limited amount of stations we actually enjoy on a regular basis and we do truly miss them. But in order to get those stations we have to pay an outrageous amount of money for the package that includes those stations, and we end up with tons of junk I'd rather not have in my home!

Who really needs or wants 200 sports channels? I have nothing against sports, and I've been known to enjoy a ball game or two, especially if the Angels are playing, but 200 channels devoted to sports? No thanks!

Then there are all the stations that are geared for kids, but most watchful parents wouldn't want their kids watching this junk, why should I have to pay for something I don't want??

Of course we can't forget about all the music video channels and weepy women's movie of the week shows. Again, why should I have to pay for this and have it in my home when I have no desire what so ever to watch it?

What do I want? An educational package! They have movie packages and sports packages and their so called family package(which is still junk!) Why can't they make an educational package?

I think the ideal package would include all of the available PBS's, TLC(This is by far my favorite, it's got Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Miami Ink, LA Ink, Sara Snow, Adoption Story and dozens of others. When we had satellite, we viewed this station more than any other), National Geographic, The Discovery Channels, Military Channel, The History Channel(I think that's a Discovery one?), and finally my second favorite; Animal Planet, and The Science Channel.

Maybe offer this to us for $19.99 a month like they do the "Family Package." But there is no such package available. In order to get all of those stations, you have to subscribe to the top package that has it all minus the premium movie channels. If I recall correctly that package was $69.99 a month! OUCH!

I have written to DISH TV and plan on writing to Direct TV about such a package, but so far received no response. Even if they offered an A La Cart type package where you can pick and choose certain stations for 5 bucks or so each a month would be acceptable. I could easily narrow my wish list down to 4 or so stations making it quite affordable for us.

I am sure there must be others out there like me who only want quality programming in your home, perhaps if we all wrote the companies and flooded them with such requests we can get it done!! What do you think?


Red said...


Why can't companies offer a number of channels package. For instance, have a 10,20, package, That way people can pick exactly how many channels suit their families.

We watch a select amount of TV, and could easily do with 10-15 channels. The other 489(fictitious number), I do not need. Maybe I should write my cable company.

Victoria said...

Since you no longer have satellite, feel free to get your Miami Ink fix on my blog: