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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

Are you one of those who loves to take advantage of the after Thanksgiving Day sales? I used to be. I have to admit there are a lot of great bargains to be had. We gave it up though as we had more children, it is a nightmare to take little ones to what these events have become. People literally trample each other all in the name of getting the best deal! Sad. Some idiots actually fight over bargains, and even more worrisome some actually have gotten shot over something as silly as a video game system. Sad, sick...

I much prefer staying snug in my warm bed then risk my life for more "stuff." I already have far too much!

Well, I love this site and the buy nothing campaign. Check it out. You can make a statement, stay in your cozy home and skip all the madness and best yet, save some money!!

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