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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Day Of Favorites

Today is Austin's second birthday. With things being a little hectic the day after Thanksgiving and still having out of town guests we kept it low key, but still made sure his day was extra super special!

He had a day of favorites; first was chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast(recipe on my cooking blog) then Kraft Mac & Cheese for lunch, followed by my famous Lemon Cake(will post recipe on cooking blog later) and ice cream sandwiches.

For gifts he got his favorite TV show on DVD(Wonder Pets) so he can watch whenever he feels like it, and a big bag of Mega Blocks(chunky Lego like blocks)

One of his very favorite games to play is to get one of the three cats to chase him while he drags a string or jump rope, once they catch up with him he starts busting up laughing. I am not sure who has more fun; him, the cats or us watching him!

I took this video clip this morning, not one of the more amusing or energetic chase games between Austin and his cat, but at least you'll get the idea.


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