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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dr. Doolittle??

Austin just seems to have a way with animals, he loves them and they in turn love him. Today I snapped this incredibly cute photo of him and two of his kitty-cats. What is so great about this picture is that the big cat in the photo doesn't like anybody!! Yet he seems to be developing quite a tolerance for little Austin. Had you told me a year or so ago he would ever be letting a two year old lay on top of him, but alone being on the same couch I would have never believed it!! Then the fact he allowed the kitten up there too is nothing short of unbelievable, if I didn't have the photo to prove it, I wouldn't believe it!!


Katybeth said...

AWE! I miss that cute little face!!!!!

appleleaf said...

That's gorgeous. Softest pillow I've ever seen.