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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Either Way, He's Got a Servants Heart!

For about the past year or so my youngest has insisted he is going to be a Pastor when he grows up. That of course made me quite happy as I have secretly(Okay, maybe not so secretly) hoped one of my boys would grow up to be in the ministry either as a pastor or missionary.

Then, after he got burned and the paramedic "saved" him, he became obsessed with becoming a paramedic himself. I was only slightly disappointed, but never let on. I support all of my children and their desires whether they wish to be missionaries or mercenaries(oh yeah! I've got one of those too!)

Last night though, as they were singing their Christmas songs(just a bit early for me!) My youngest dug our his "pastor gear" and set to giving church services once again(if you come visit, watch out, you may get Holy Water thrown your way!!)

So, now the plan is to be a paramedic and ask for Sundays off so he can do his pastoring duties. Little does he know pastoring is more than a full-time job in itself!

Either way, it seems he has a servants heart!


Andrea said...

People are saved in many ways!


Red said...

As long as they do what they truly love what is inside of them will flow over.

If he is a fantastic janitor people will love to come to a clean bathroom and miss him when he is not there. Even the smallest of jobs is important as long as you take the time to put your all into it.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are not referring to your son who is interested in the military as the "mercenary". That is an insult to those who defend our freedom.

d†p said...

as his former pastor....and still a friend

I have to say I am pleased he wants to serve... (and in small towns - he could do both - I know a couple of pastors in Texas who do exactly that)

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, as the blogger called them "mercenaries" they are properly called private contracter's and most of them are former Navy-SEALs, Army Rangers and others that are former special forces. I find it funny how you call them a insult seeing as how over 25,000 private contractors have been killed in Iraq doing what our troops cant do because of back room politics and they to defend our freedom.

Anonymous said...

A mercenary is a soldier who fights for money, regardless of ideological, national or political considerations. When addressed to a professional soldier in a regular national army, the term is normally used as an insult or epithet.

This is a definition of a mercenary, that's why its an insult and there is a difference private contractors and mercenaries.