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Monday, November 17, 2008

Jon and Kate Or The Duggers?? Either?

After months of not having satellite service we recently re-subscribed. I know, I know, I was trying to save money and live a bit simpler of a lifestyle, but I was really going through Miami Ink and Jon and Kate with drawls!

I have yet to see an episode of either, as I realized quickly, I just don't have the time especially with an active toddler in the house now!

But I have caught an episode of the new Dugger Family reality show. Not even sure of the name. But I have to admit to enjoying it which surprises me greatly! When I first met the Duggers via TV, I like many was completely infatuated with them! The perfect family! Dozens of beautiful children, a handsome enough husband and a lovely wife with the sweetest voice ever! The children are all nicely dressed, well behaved and it is said they honestly never fight! So, what's the problem? Well, I have seen many a family try to make their families just like that, at the expense of a healthy marriage and family life! I do believe we should all be kind and soft spoken with one another and I do believe it is quite possible for children to get along, for the most part. But not all families were created to be EXACTLY like the Duggers. To try and force yourself or worse yet, your husband and children to be just like someone you admire whether the Duggers or another lovely family, is just asking for trouble!

Enter Jon and Kate Plus Eight....another large family reality series on TLC. This family is quite the opposite! Kate is bossy and demanding and can at times downright belittle her husband. Jon is far to passive and needs to man up just a little. The kids, well they scream and cry and carry on. They hit each other, take each others toys, they are downright naughty sometimes! Now I don't think my family is quite as out of control, but of course I only have four children in the home right now and there is a pretty big age difference between the youngest and oldest, unlike Kate's kids who are a set of twins and a group of sextuplets. You can't really blame poor Kate for being so grumpy. Imagine the terrible two's with SIX two year olds? No thanks!

But I have always enjoyed Jon and Kate more than the Duggers as I felt they were more "real-life" and of course they made me appreciate my own family just a little bit more. After all, we're not THAT bad!!

But is Jon and Kate REALLY more real-life? How many large families do you know who can afford the lifestyle they maintain on the income they claim to have from only Jon working? They seem to have the nicest and bestest of everything! How realistic is that? They also have had house help, volunteers and more. And Kate is still that cranky? Hmm... There has been much talk and speculation on the web of exactly what is going on there, I wont post it here because as far as I am concerned it is gossip and speculation, but you are free to search for yourself if interested and form your own opinion. Is anybody interested or am I just unusually obsessed with these families?

Back to the Duggers....I have to take back my negative opinions that they had to be fake or too perfect. I searched the web and can't come up with anything negative other than the usual "over-population" arguments. Well, if they want to over-populate with the kind of young men and women they are raising, I say let them! We can certainly use more people in this world who strive to be the best they can be. They are teaching their children to be frugal, debt free, educated, wholesome, and upright. What's wrong with that? They do all of that without assistance from social services or volunteers and outside help.

I gained a whole new respect for them watching the one episode I have seen of their new show. Mrs. Dugger took her kids(all 18 or so of them) shoe the thrift store!! I mean how else can she do it I suppose. I don't think I have ever seen Kate shop second hand, although I have seen her buy extremely expensive dolls for her girls(we're talking approx. 100 bucks a pop!) Now if she can afford it great, but from what I am understanding that isn't the case. Mrs. Dugger also makes her own laundry soap! Something I am trying this week following her recipe! At the thrift store I actually saw one or two of her small boys being slightly mischievous! Maybe they are "normal" and not so perfectly perfect?

I don't strive to be like either family. They are both unique, just as my own is. I think I can learn alot from both, quite different things, but lessons none the less.

Probably a good thing I don't have time to watch more TV, I really spend too much time analyzing what little I do watch!


Andrea said...

Jon and Kate is too chaotic for me to enjoy. The Duggars just seem very unapproachable. Could Michelle Duggar carry on a culturally relevant to an unchurched person?

Either seems very realistic... probably why I prefer to watch LOST! HA!

Anonymous said...

I like both these shows too. I have issues with both shows though also.

Jon and Kate does seem unrealistic, with the trips and clothing and too materialistic in general.

The Duggars on the other hand, do their kids just ever get to be kids? It seems like all they do are jurisdictions (?-spelling). I also have issues with the gender roles that are being taught and long skirts that the girls seem to have to wear, but again these are my beliefs, not the Duggar's.

Victoria said...

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