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Saturday, November 1, 2008

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month! If you google "National Adoption Month" you will find tons of information about it.

Those who know me or have read here long enough know it is one of my deepest desires to adopt a little girl. We have investigated adopting from China, Haiti and the US.

Most likely will will do foster to adopt here in the US. There are so many kids that need permanent loving homes. The only thing stopping us from doing it now is the size of our home and our temporary financial issues.

I also have such a heart for the older teens who are about to adopt out of the system. There are so many teens nearing 18 years of age who have never found their "forever families." It just breaks my heart. Where will they go each year for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Who will they mark as "Next of Kin" on their medical forms or military entrance forms? Who will they call for support and love in during a crisis in their lives? I wish I could adopt them all!

It seems everyone wants a cute little baby and so many of the older kids get over looked and left behind. I must be odd because I have no desire to do the baby thing all over again. I am looking for an older child. I am sure those who have never had a baby really want that experience and I wouldn't want to take that from them, but I wish they'd at least consider an older child. They need love as much as the babies do, and they can give it back to you hundreds of times over.

While I know it is National Adoption Month, we shouldn't overlook foster care either(which has it's own month, I believe in May) Some children may not be in a situation where their parents rights are going to be permanently terminated, yet they will need loving, caring homes until their family situations are resolved. Many of these children bounce from foster home to foster home. I have to give lots of kudos to the foster parents that play mom and dad temporarily until the families can be reunited. It has got to be incredibly hard to offer all of your love and compassion that these children so desperately need, knowing it wont last forever. To make matters even more difficult, you may have to return a child you have grown to love as your own to a less than ideal situation. If you are or have been a foster parent, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you know an adoptive or foster family wont you take the time to encourage them and offer them some support? Perhaps offer to babysit or help out with a meal or two. Maybe just be there to listen and be a friend. While you may not be able to or want to adopt or care for a child just now, you can support someone who is, not just in November in honor of National Adoption Month, but all year long!

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