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Friday, November 28, 2008

Ordinary People...

These days we hear so much about famous people doing big and wonderful things, such as Bono and Oprah to name just a few. So many of us have a desire to do good things as well but feel there isn't much we can do. We're not famous, we don't have tons of money, we're just "ordinary." Well, this morning I learned of two ordinary people who have done extraordinary things! What a difference each has made! Because of these ordinary people lots of lives have been touched.

This first one is of a brave little boy who had an extra special, completely unselfish dying wish;

After you're done drying your eyes, here is a touching story of a woman making a difference in her own community freely sharing what she has with those around her;

Woman Serving Thanksgiving for 32 After Craigslist Offer

What wonderful stories proving you don't have to be famous or wealthy to make a difference. All you have to do is have an open heart and a desire to help those around you. Anyone can make a difference, even me & you!

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Andrea said...

Somebody get me a tissue!

Thanks for sharing that.