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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Perhaps I Am Not Meant To Watch This Film??

Either I really am not meant to watch this movie or I did something to really piss off my mailman! See, after waiting weeks for a particular film in my queue, it arrives, broken in half! No problem, I report the issue to Netflix and they send a replacement.(I just love Netflix!)

So yesterday the replacement arrives and I could feel through the envelope that this one too is broken! I tell my son I think Netflix messed up and sent us the same broken disc. Nope, as both son and I remember that the previous disc was broke in half right down the center. This one is broke like this:

So, I report the problem once again to Netflix, but this time I don't order a replacement. I figure to take it as a sign that either I am not meant to watch it, or I really need to bake some cookies and leave them in my box in an attempt to befriend my postmaster!


appleleaf said...

What a pain in the neck!
I think I'd do exactly the same as you at this stage.

appleleaf said...

What a pain in the neck. I think I would've done the same as you at this stage.

Chloe said...

I think I'd take it as a sign that I wasn't supposed to watch the movie either because that's just odd.


William Cooney said...

The suspense is kind of killing me! Do you mind if I ask? What was the movie? And does anyone - besides you and Netflix - have anyway of knowing what the movie is?

Am I being paranoid? My mind is dredging up images of an intolerant idiot seeing to it that you don't watch this movie? I know. I'm probably being crazy. I say give it one more go!

Tara B. said...

For those curious, the movie was Stephens Test of Faith. It seems to be a kids movie, we got it because it came up recommended from Netlix. Here is the sypnosis;

It's tough for 12-year-old Stephen to face rejection and derision from his "friends" at school. But things begin to radically change when he takes a fabulous journey during a dream. He travels through history, meeting Jesus, Stephen the martyr, Christian children in today's Middle East and others who dare to express their faith. Through his inspiring dream, young Stephen's view of the kingdom and his definition of "Christian" are revolutionized.

Ironically, we did send and recieve two other movies during this time, one arrived the same day as the broken one, unharmed..

I think I will watch it as a download this time!
Tara B