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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Just Can't Seem To Get A Break!(pun NOT intended, honestly!)

Well, it's been an interesting and busy last couple of days! First I got a call yesterday that my daughter(Austin's mother) was in labor.(another subject for another day!) Meanwhile Austin took a little fall, nothing that even caused me any concerned until later that evening when we noticed he was favoring his right arm.

About bedtime last night it became clear SOMETHING was wrong, but by that time it was late and the ER/Urgent Care is close to a two hour drive EACH WAY. So this morning we took off right after breakfast.

Turns out it indeed was broken, on BOTH sides of the bone! He's a trooper just like his uncles as he was still using it quite a bit, and the Dr. said it should be pretty sore.

So we are home now, trying to convince him to leave the splint and sling in place. Hopefully both will hold up till he goes back to the orthopedist for his cast after Thanksgiving. Oh...the joys of having and raising four boys!!

1 comment:

Mrs. Curtis said...

You've just had an interesting year ;-)

If you guys need anything, anything let me know!!