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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What If Your Church Closed It's Doors?

I am currently reading Life's Interruptions God's Opportunities by Larry Jones(of Feed the Children) I am really enjoying it. It is full of little thought provoking quotes, questions and inspirations all based from the story of the Good Samaritian.
One of these questions is really causing me to think(if you know me, you know how dangerous a thing this can be!) It is this:
"What if your church closed it's doors?"
What would the impact on your community be? Would any one even notice?(besides the members?) If no one would notice beyond the members maybe your church really needs to do a self evaluation!
Does your church provide an outreach or service to the community around it that would greatly be missed if the doors closed? I think sadly the answer in many churches these days may be no. Just a little food for thought.....

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