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Monday, November 17, 2008

What Is Wrong With Churches Today? (or What Isn't?)

I found this today while searching the web on church related issues. I have to admit, although I am a Christian I have quite a bone to pick with churches today. Few if any seem to resemble what I feel church was meant to be. Either they all want to be big, huge "mega" churches and go to extremes to get that way, often at the cost of twisting Gods word to fit their own agendas or keep people feeling good about themselves so they'll keep coming back. Or many have become small "clicks" or social clubs. Outsiders aren't often welcome and are made to feel terribly uncomfortable if they try to stay and fit in. Many cater only to themselves. They talk about outreach, but don't do much more than give it lip service. They want the numbers but only to get the monetary numbers that come along with it. They claim they want to attract more different kinds of people and be welcoming to all, yet they just don't seem to be willing to change meeting times or come up with new ideas or activities to reach out and keep those people. It can all be quite self-serving which is the exact opposite of what the Bible preaches.

Anyway, enough of my rant for now, you'll get a chance to hear more later I am sure, but for now you gotta watch this video. If it weren't so sadly true it would be hilarious. This more fits the big mega church mentality which I don't have a lot of experience with, but this is quite what I picture it to be like!

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William Cooney said...

Wow! You dug up a gem there, Tara. I think you know my basic perspective, which is that of a non-believer. But I am not a miltant atheist. It's precisely the kinds of things you appear to be offended by in some of your religious cohorts - the lip service to diversity, the get-them-at-all-costs approach of the mega churches, etc., that many of us non-believers point to as serious faults within the community of the faithful.

Your brand of faith (if you'll parden the presumption) seems to be a sincerely moderate one that seeks to be genuinely inclusive, not overly rigid, and tolerant of contrasting views.

I'll see if I can find this: something I recently came across noting the serious political breach between liberal Christians and conservative Christians. Apparently it's something of a serious battle that is going on right now.

For the record, it is really the Falwells, Robertsons, Hagees, etc., who, with all their political clout, offend us secularists the most. The problem - to me, anyway - is not religion itself, but extreme social conservatism born of religious fanaticism. You strike me as anything but this type of believer.