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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Advocate...But For Who??

I have to admit in these days and times advocates are in many ways a necessity in our society. The rights of so many who can't advocate for themselves get overlooked or taken away because they can't speak for themselves. But it seems those doing the advocating don't always have their priorities in order or completely overlook the rights of others in order to advocate for their clients.

I have a BIG issue with this, especially when the rights being overlooked are the rights of innocent children unable to speak for themselves.

The mentally ill often lose far too many rights, simply because they may not even be aware of those rights, or not able to think clearly for themselves at a given time. At times like this an advocate can play a very important role in making sure the clients needs are being met.

But sometimes I feel these advocates forget that there are others who have rights that are being stripped away while they are advocating for their client. Take for example my daughter who suffers from severe often untreated Bipolar Disorder and my not quite six week old granddaughter.

Last month my granddaughter was removed from my daughters home as it appeared it was not safe for her to be there. While I was hoping my daughter would be able to raise this child, there were enough facts that made it very concerning that this may not be possible. It pretty much looked like an open and shut case. I don't believe anyone involved wanted my grandchild removed forever, just wanted to be sure there would be proper oversight, a care plan and safety measures in place. Seems reasonable enough considering my daughters medical, mental, legal, and substance abuse issues.

Then steps in the mental health advocates with their big guns. To the awe of everyone involved my granddaughter was returned almost on the spot!! Yea for those advocates, they won for their client!!?? But did my grandchild win? Let's see.....

Less than three days later my daughter had health issues and a friend of mine had to step in and take the baby, where were those advocates then? My daughter recovered, but was homeless yet wanted her baby back, where were those advocates then? My daughter enters a program mainly to have housing and starts becoming unstable mentally and daily was seeking medication help from her mental health workers, yet to this date has yet to even get an appointment with a real physician and remains unmedicated. Where were those advocates?

Then , the final straw....last night I get a phone call from a friend that my daughter gave the baby to someone telling him to "get rid of it" She is now unable to be located and is not answering calls or text messages and the baby was taken to a shelter and placed once again in CPS custody. Where the hell are these freaking advocates???

This baby has been in 5-6 homes with as many care givers in less than five weeks of life. Where are HER advocates? Where are my daughters advocates when she just needs help with maintenance? They are there to win the big shows but who are they really advocating for? Themselves? Because other than giving a baby back that should have never been given back they haven't done a darn thing other than make things worse!!

Now my granddaughter is once again in the system with no one to advocate for her! Of course I will be her advocate and do everything I can, but I am a whole state away and can't even get custody until my daughter gets yet another chance, if she ever shows up safe and sound, and I am sure those advocates will once again show up to do more damage than has already been done.

Thanks advocates, job well done!


Karen (KayKay) said...

Oh my goodness Tara. I'm glad I stopped in tonight. I hadn't heard of these latest developments. I'm so, so sorry. You must be beside yourself. I don't know what to say, except that I will pray.

The Cooking Lady said...

Tara, all I can say is that you are in my thoughts!