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Monday, December 29, 2008

Mystery Solved!!

The other day as my husband was digging up roots on the property, he dug up along with the huge root what appeared to be two snakes. Being a reptile lover and somewhat knowledgeable of such things I had to admit that I wasn't quite sure what these were! My first guess was brand new baby rosy boas, but upon looking in my reptile field guide, the colors made it seem it could be a rubber boa. I was quite excited, thinking they would make great pets! One for me and one for my dear brother who is the one I owe my love of reptiles to.

The incredibly small size kept throwing me for a loop though. Even for a newborn, these were just too small. I considered a yellow-bellied racer for a while, but the size was still an issue.

Thanks to my 12 year old who suggested the possibility of a blind snake, I investigated a bit further and am now 100 % convinced I know what these are!! LEGLESS LIZARDS!! I found several photos on the web and thanks to California Herps. Com I am sure this is what we have.

According to the articles I read, they will eat meal worms, YUCK!! Maybe we will admire them for a day or two and release them, as I don't think I want to touch a nasty worm!

Here are some photos of the little critters.

The photos on the California Herps Site are much better if you really want to see what they look like.


Bill said...

all religions are inherently sick. members are exploited by their leaders. political leaders voice platitudes that deliver the votes of religious sheep. it has always been as such and will continue thusly.

Tara B. said...

And what does this have to do with legless reptiles?? Just kidding... Couldn't resist though.

I am assuming this is meant for the Jesus Camp post.

I would have to admit to agreeing with you up to a certain point. In regards to the definition of religion being a belief in a higher or supreme power, I disagree, but in regards to group or organzied religion, whether Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or the like I pretty much agree.

While I do believe in God, and consider myself a Christ follower, I do take issue with organized religion and it's leaders and in many cases the followers as well.

Certainly the programs mentioned in that post show just what many have issues with. I wonder how many that claim to not believe in a god have more of a problem with religion rather than a god? I know for a fact there are those who just don't beleive in a higher power and that is fine, to each his own, but I suspect for just as many it is organized religion they have an issue with. Just a thought...