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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Never Give Up

Upon our return home from visiting our daughter and sweet granddaughter we were flooded with phone calls from concerned family and friends wanting to be sure we didn't bring the baby back with us, or worse yet **gasp** our daughter!!

Now, while I understand our family and friends are only concerned with with our own well-being, financially and emotionally these comments have left me quite hurt personally and very concerned for the mind set of many in this day and age.

Comments such as "you can't save all the children in the world" and "give up, your daughter will never change" really leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. First, if I don't save one child, or two or three either through sponsorship through Compassion, or through foster care or adoption who will? What if everybody had that same thought that you can't save them all? Then none would be saved. Sure, it costs us some money when times are tough for us, but there is no price on a human life, especially that of a child. And yes, I do believe you and I together can save all of the children in the world, one child at a time.

In regards to giving up on someone who has already given up on herself....again what a sad thing when we value human life so little that we have "throw aways" in our society, and some of them are our own family members!! Mother Teresa used to often say the poverty here, is far worse than the poverty in the slums of India, I believe this is just what she was talking about. To not be loved is the greatest poverty of all.

Do I ever feel like giving up? Certainly!! Sometimes I have to step back and take a break, but I always make sure I have others praying, and caring for my daughter while I do. Does she deserve chance after chance? No, but do we deserve the grace that God has bestowed upon us? No, but He gives it anyway, and I really don't think He expects any less from us. Most people these days extend more grace to a biting dog or one who has destroyed the furniture than they do to their fellow man. Sad...

So, I will continue to sponsor children, and I will continue to bring home and raise as many of my grandchildren as I need to, and someday I will foster and adopt as many as I am called to, and most importantly I will never give up on my daughter or any other human being for that matter.

This song has been stuck in my head for days now, and today I found this video with lyrics.(sorry, it wont let me post it directly here) If you can, take the time and watch it, it really has touched me this week.

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Andrea said...

That sounds like a "Did you mean to say that out loud?" moment. I can't believe people said such things to you.

I pray your daughter and grand daughter come back to you as whole, healthy people in the arms of Christ.