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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Powerful Advice For Christians......From An Athiest!

I came across this on a forum I frequent and was quite touched by it:

The most thought provoking line for me was when he says "How much do you have to hate someone to not tell them about eternity"

While I found this a very interesting and thought provoking video, I hope my fellow Christians don't use it as an excuse to beat people over the heads with their Bibles, or try to shove it down peoples throat, there is a difference in speaking in Love and what often happens when many try to "evangelize."

Kindness and genuine love can go much further than the more brutal tactics I often see from many a "christian." That means if you genuinely love someone, you still love them whether they are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist or what ever. You don't stop loving them just because they don't adopt your belief system.

I firmly believe while we should give everyone a chance to be presented with the Message, alot more can be accomplished by just living out what you believe than any other method. As a matter of fact that is just what eventually led me to seek out God when I had pretty much turned my back on him. It was a family members living example that made me curious. Funny thing is, these family members aren't even considered "true Christians" because of their denomination. While I never did join their particular brand of faith, it was their example of really being what they said they believed versus the hypocrites I saw around me, and their lack of judging, and the unconditional love they gave that made me a seeker.

They never pushed what they believed on me, and to this day they probably don't even know that it was their example that led me back to God. I guess that's what it's about, not earning brownie points or bragging "I saved this many people this week," not trying to prove others wrong, it's just about loving and living out what you claim to believe.

Funny, that an Atheist has a better grasp on "evangelism" than many "Christians" I know!

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Red said...

You know what gets me? If there is a here after, not heaven, I will be there.

And I think you do get there by good deeds. Not the kind you do for show, but real genuine ones. Do I have bad thoughts about people? From time to time yes, but don't we all?

My sister told me something once, that changed how I feel about where we go when we are dead.

How people refer to you, speak of you when you are gone is how you should be judged. So, if Suzy Q says you were a pull when you were alive, and Billy Bob says he could not stand to be in a room with you. And Bobby Sue say she avoided you at all costs, then that should determine where you go.

I know I am far form perfect, but my heart is hopefully in the right place.