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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Quickie

Just wanted to post a quickie update for family and friends on both my daughter, and also my sons burn.

First, Daniel had his regular burn appointment today. We are now down to once every three week visits which is good. Last visit they had us switch to an over the counter antibiotic cream, but today the Dr. felt it wasn't doing what they had hoped and put us back on the prescription. Other than that all seems to be going well.

Good news on my daughter! She may be getting released from the hospital Thursday assuming she does well this next couple of days on the oral antibiotics and continues to improve. The great news is so far she hasn't required the surgery and most likely will not barring any problems.

So, overall today was a day of good news. My friend still has the baby and probably will until this weekend so my daughter can take care of some other matters that need tending to, and we will be in AZ this Friday and Saturday to see all!

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