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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland??

Last night it snowed yet more, and with the winds gone the white stuff even stayed on the trees. I have to admit it looks quite beautiful, but I must also admit, I HATE winter! I HATE snow!

Now, I try to keep this blog somewhat positive, mostly because I am generally a positive thinking type person. Let's face it with the many trials in my life if I thought any other way I'd be on anti-depressants myself. But, I also try and keep this blog honest, and if I were to be 100% honest, I have to admit to my hatred of winter, snow and of all other things cold.

Sure it's pretty, but it's COLD! I guess I must really love my husband as I gave up my warm tropical island paradise of Maui to come back to the mainland and marry him. I never regret that decision, except in winter! I guess it is just getting cold everywhere as today I looked up the temperatures for Palm Springs, Yuma, and every other normally warm place I could think of and they were all in the 30's for the lows and the 50's for the highs! UGH! So much for global warming? I'd say we're entering an ice age! Yes, I am whining, and I am a big baby. Comfortable for me is 90 and I love the 100's as well. Anything below 80 is very cold to me!

Besides being cold, winter is just plain messy. Sure the kids and dad have a great time sledding, and building snowmen and all of that other fun(for them!) stuff, but me the mom gets stuck cleaning the mud and water off the floor each time they run in and out to warm up. I also get stuck dusting every day, sometimes several times a day because of all the ash the fire place expels. Then, being home bound! Being a homeschool mom, I am used to being at home, just about nearly all of the time, but I know I can leave whenever the mood strikes. But when my van is parked in the middle of the road four miles away stuck in snow all of a sudden I get cabin fever! Yes, you heard me right, my precious Tinkermobile(if you saw it, you'd get the name!) is stuck in several feet of snow at the bottom of the hill.

So, here I am stuck in the freezing cold, trapped in the dirty house with nothing more to do than come here and whine about it all. I guess while I am at it I will share a few pictures of what we woke up to this morning!

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Karen (KayKay) said...

It is beautiful! However, I have to agree with you. I don't like winter either. Fortunately we don't get much winter weather here. I like sun. Lots of sun!