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Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Raising Neanderthals!

Apparently my boys belong back in the stone ages, with their views of the roles of women. I thought I have done a fine enough job teaching them that in today's progressive age men and women can be anything they like. Women are just as capable(if not more so!) then men for just about any job or career there is.
I guess either I failed in my teaching, or they just plain old don't listen because today I was quite taken aback by the response I got today from our History lesson from my nine year old!
We were reading in this book; one of our many History selections for this school year.

I was quite excited as today's reading was about Elizabeth Blackwell.

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman physician in America. She endured many hardships and ridicule in obtaining this position. Actually her even being accepted into the Geneva School of Medicine of Western New York was a joke played by the students on the professors of the school!

So, as I am finishing up and explain to my dear ones that Ms. Blackwell paved the way for all women today to be able to become doctors, my son then tried correcting me by dare saying "no, Mom, you mean nurses." Men are doctors and girls are nurses."

Huh?? What?? EXCUUUSE ME?? I set him straight pretty quick, yet I wonder where he got this stone age thinking from?

Perhaps our next unit will be on the Women's Suffrage Movement? That outta be fun for them!

1 comment:

William Cooney said...

I enjoyed this post. I hope you didn't leave out the part about so many men becoming nurses today too when you corrected your precious little neanderthal!

But you know the real neanderthal was, of course, the adult who put this idea into his head in the first place.