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Friday, January 16, 2009

Kids + TV= Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!

We only recently got satellite TV back, and already I am beginning to regret that decision.

About 2 weeks ago the two year old of the household started throwing himself on the floor for no apparent reason and tried to get across the floor on his belly. He looked like a fat baby seal stuck in the sand. It was kind of amusing at first, but he keeps repeatably doing it and we can't figure out why. He is quite impressed with himself and can't figure out why we're not as amazed at this incredible ability.

Yesterday, I discovered the source of this bit of mischief; Little Einsteins. This is his very favorite Disney show. On this particular episode the Little Einsteins are trying to help some caterpillars that later turn into butterflies. So he wasn't a fat little seal after all, he was a Caterpillar!! Cute, but annoying, as I get called away from what I am doing several times a day to watch him re-enact this scene from the show.

The real fun occurred just the night before last. If I wasn't so annoyed at the time, it would have been hilarious, but who has a sense of humour at midnight anyway?

I am sound asleep, in a deep peaceful sleep when my 17 year old comes running in hysterically screaming for me to turn on the light, something is wrong with his eye! After murmuring a few expletives I tell him to wait a minute and let me get my bearings. He then turns on the light anyway not giving my eyes a chance to adjust before he is right in my face pulling his bottom lid down shouting something about worms in his eye.

After a moment or two when I was finally fully awake I got the whole story. His bottom lid was swollen and he was convinced he had worms in his eye?!? I tried explaining I had never heard of such a thing and I highly doubt that is what is wrong with his eye. But that didn't comfort him in the least, or calm him down. He keeps insisting I take a closer look, because he is just sure there are indeed worms in his eye, and he knows it happens because he's seen it on TV!

No, son I try to assure him, there are no worms in your eye. Maybe you got a sty starting in your eye or just good old fashioned pink eye. Still borderlining on full blown hysteria he couldn't be comforted.

Now, I am normally a good, kind, and very patient and concerned mother, but at midnight awoken from a sound slumber, I have to admit at this point in this conversation I was anything but. I basically told him to get over it, go to bed and leave me alone.

In the morning, I get the full story. A night or two before he had watched the Science Channel on TV and they did a show on bot flies which laid their egg larva in peoples eyes. By this time he seemed to almost be convinced that this isn't what happened to him, but then started ranting that the wind blowing can blow some into his eye and he was quite worried about that happening. At this point I am laughing! Not that I find humor in my kids ridiculous fears, but this one was beginning to be somewhat humorous. He just wasn't willing to let go of it at all.

I do believe he is still closing his eyes when out of doors and the wind is blowing out of fear of dreaded bot fly eggs landing in his eye!

So, the moral to this story...don't let your kids watch TV, or you may end up with one who thinks he's a Caterpillar and another who thinks there are little worms or maggots in his eye!! If you value your sleep or sanity, DON'T let your kids watch the Boob Tube!!


Karen (KayKay) said...

That is hilarious! Sorry, I know it wasn't funny at the time. Sounds like something my 14 year old would do. She watches something and totally takes it to heart.

JanuaryLove said...

If we could find a way for hubby to watch his football games another way, I'd be all for getting rid of the boob tube here, too.