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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Move Over Duggar's...

Make way for the Debolt Family! For those of you who like me love BIG families and especially those who have adopted, boy do I have a movie for you!

Who Are The Debots and Where Did They Get 19 Kids is an older documentary about the real life Debolt family. Not only did they have 19 kids, 14 of whom were adopted, these were very special kids. Adopted from all over the globe these children had various physical special needs ranging from paralysis, to missing limbs to blindness.

What was so amazing about this family is that there was no pity or feeling sorry for yourself. The Debolts worked hard to help all of these children become self-sufficient. Not only did they all have chores, many of which plenty of able-bodied children would balk at, but they also took care of their own physical needs in amazing ways. Here is a short clip which you must take the time to watch young Karen Debolt as she alone puts on her artificial arms and limbs with no help what so ever!

Many of these children had never stood on their own legs before coming to the Debolt household, several of them older children. In time, all were able to climb the families staircase, hence the title of a book also written about them; 19 Steps Up a Mountain

All of these children were happy, lovable, and enthusiastic about life. As you can see on the family website, linked above, they all have gone on to live fulfilling productive lives.

As someone who has considered adoption and foster care, yet all but ruled out taking in children with special needs, I must say this film and story has worked on my heart and definitely changed my views on special needs quite a bit.

The Debolts actually started an adoption program; AASK to help assist those interested in adopting or fostering special children. Today, I found this video at YouTube with one of the adult Debolt children discussing this group and also what life was like as one of the biological children of the Debolts. I get the impression she felt her life was deeply enriched by the whole experience. Sometimes as prospective adopters or foster parents we worry so much how it will effect our biological children, mostly giving consideration to the negatives. It seems to me there are so many more positives!

I highly recommend this film for all, especially those who are fans of such large families and those who are considering adoption and/or foster care. The music, narration and filming are definitely a bit dated, but it certainly doesn't take away from the message of this film at all!

You can download it from Netflix if you are a member, or for a fee of 2.99 from Amazon or Itunes to rent or 9.99 to purchase. If you want a hard copy DVD, it is a bit more.

If any of you can make it through the whole thing with a dry eye, you are certainly hardened! I am not known at all to be sappy, yet my eyes welled up a few times watching this incredibly amazing family!

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appleleaf said...

What an awesome family with an incredible calling.
BTW I love the photo of that nose warmer. Someone must have been really cold to get out their knitting needles and knit one.