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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seeing The Bright Side Of Things!

One of my favorite quotes is; If you can't see the bright side of things, then polish the dull side.

It seems I have to do lots of polishing around here! Things could certainly be better for my family right now, but in all situations I try and find something positive and focus on that.

I try to teach my kids the same thing. It must be sinking in as I couldn't help but laugh last night while watching American Idol.

The auditions are always our favorite, I don't know why, as I think it is pretty sad that we take such pleasure in others short comings. I have to admit I find some of these more than amusing. I mean, really don't these people have friends or family who love them enough to NOT let them go on the show? Every year it never fails there are poor people who can't sing at all(like me!) yet for some reason they think they can(I know I can't!) They really think they stand a chance and end up embarrassing themselves miserably while providing a good laugh for those of us watching.

Last night was no exception, there were plenty of these types of people. Some you really have to wonder if they know they're that bad, but go on anyway. I mean bad publicity is still publicity right? But there was one young man with this unusually bizarre low voice. He sang terrible, I mean really terrible.

My youngest didn't laugh, didn't boo, but clearly realized this man had no talent. His only comment "At least he has really white teeth, that's good."

After having a little chuckle I had to stop and really admire him. He was so sincere in his comment, no hint of sarcasm what so ever. If only we could all extend that much grace to one another; to overlook each others short comings and genuinely find something positive to say.

I guess it goes along with "If you can't find something nice, don't say anything at all." That is exactly what my nine year old did last night! An example we can all do well to follow!


Red said...

When I do make an attempt to sing, I sound like a cow in heat.

Karen (KayKay) said...

Tara, your son sounds like a sweetie. Last night my daughter was having me fast forward through the bad singers because they made her sad. I definitely need to be better about "polishing the dull side."

The Rambo Family said...

I think that is a wonderful quality and I love reading your blog.

Tara B. said...

Rambo Family, I like your blog too! Love all the photos, but wished you posted more often!
Thanks for commenting, like most bloggers, I LOVE comments!