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Monday, January 19, 2009

What Ever Happened to Common Sense?

One can't look at today's world and wonder what happened to good old common sense? It seems to be lacking in all areas of life from child rearing, to finances and even simple things such as weight control.

Take weight loss for instance. I've posted before; Eat less, move more. Sounds simple doesn't it? It is, but that's all it takes to lose weight, period. No need for adding points, food combining, and all the other popular trends out there. Just eat less, move more. If your not active at all, start by walking a mile a day, or jogging in place for 15 minutes, that's it. No need for fancy workout equipment, just move. Eat less, if your eating two pieces of toast at breakfast, eat one instead. It really isn't that complicated, just common sense.

Finances, Spend less that you make. No need for fancy spread sheets, personal accountants, just know what your bringing in, and spend less. Common sense.

Child rearing, again common sense, but these days we have everybody from Dr. Phil to Dr Whoever, dishing out contradicting advice, who are we to listen to? Is it really all that complicated? It seems to be with behavior charts, rewards, behavior modification and more. Then of course there is all the labels children carry today, from ADD, to a million others, so of course that must change our parenting too. Or must it? Children are still children regardless of labels, but thanks to all the "experts" out there, none of who agree on which way is the best way, we are all so confused, and good old fashioned common sense has gone out the window!

Education is another area common sense has disappeared from. In the good old days schools concentrated on the three "R's" and most if not all children did fairly well. Teachers taught the way they were taught and there was none of this fancy "new math" or Whole Language" and all of this other stuff that has done nothing more than create a generation or two of students who are only slightly short of illiteracy! More money than ever is being spent on research, textbooks, teacher training and more. Students are spending more time in school than ever before and more hours than ever after doing homework, but are they any smarter for it? Research says NO! We are spending more money and time in school than ever before and yet our children are becoming dumber! Maybe the "experts" should take a look at what worked just a few generations back in the one room school house, and start from scratch from there! Not only would we produce smarter students, we'd probably save tons in the budget!

We have experts for every area of our lives, yet we are growing fatter, dumber, broker by the day. We should all spend some time talking to our grandparents and really listening to what they have to say. But that would be hard as grandma is most likely not living with mom and dad or next door like she used to a generation or two back. Grandma is probably out of sight and out of mind in a "retirement home."

Let's bring Grandma home, and with her some good old fashioned common sense!


Karen (KayKay) said...

My father used to say this all the time, "there's no such thing anymore as common sense or bad luck." I agree! Most people can't seem to just do the right things that make sense, they'd rather have a short cut that is silly. And if something bad happens then it must be someone's fault.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I would just like to point out regarding the crisis with education that yes, our education system has changed. But I think perhaps it's not teachers that are the problem, but the families these children come from that are causing our children to be dumber? The norm now is for parents to place their babies to be raised in a herd of other children by someone who is probably making minimum wage and doesn't give a rat's behind whether those babies are smart, or succeed, or develop a love of learning. That's much too labor intensive if you're dealing with 10-15 children all at once. Schools can only do so much... They can't ever replace a mom and dad who care about their children and want to help them learn and be successful. Maybe that's what Grandma would say if she weren't at the retirement home?

The Cooking Lady said...

Well Tara, tell us how you really feel. No no, I am on your side about everything. We are a gluttonous society. We eat too much and even if we are not, we are eating over-processed crap and even if we tried to control our weight, I don't think a freezer full of Lean Cuisines is the answer.

Eat whole foods. And it truly does not take a whole lot more extra time. Yes, it may require a bit of extra planning, but not so much so that you cannot do your normal activities. While sitting (when you could be moving) TV, make a tentative menu for a day or two. Don't try and tackle a weeks menu. You will fail. Small moves.

Don't even get me started on spending. My hubby has never been good with money and we are still paying the price (no pun intended). But I think he finally got it this time around. But if not, trust me my foot will be going down if he forgets.

Education?! I homeschool, does that answer your question?