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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adding To My Collection

The other day as I went to pull out one of my favorite yoga DVD's, it cracked right in half!! I was not happy!

Well, when I went to Amazon to replace it I was tickled to find out it was now only $7.99! At that price I figured I could get a second one as well. After hearing such great reviews I decided to give THIS ONE a try.

I have to admit, I watched it before actually trying it, and at first I wasn't impressed. I actually at that point planned on trading it on DVD Swap.

I had promised some friends I'd give my thoughts on it and I thought it only fair I actually DO the workout before I comment. Boy and I glad I did! I ended up enjoying it. The instructor has the most soothing voice, much like Rodney Yee, maybe even better! His verbal cues are even better than Baron Baptiste! He is like a combo of the best of the two of them(my two favorite instructors!)

Alot of people love the scenery, while beautiful, I could have taken it or left it as my focus in more inward than on the TV screen as I practice. I LOVED the music! I would love to find some similar for when I am practicing on my own. Rather than the more Asian inspired music that I am accustomed to and love, this is more Indian inspired and just beautiful and motivating.

The sequences individually all flowed rather nice, but as a whole it could have flowed a bit better, but it's rare to find a whole routine that flows smoothly.

I will definitely be using this one at least once a week along with my other favorites. I am looking forward to another I have heard great things about and Amazon only has great reviews of. I will come back and give my thoughts once I receive it and try it.
Edited to add: I just felt I should come back to share that many people ask for a good beginning Yoga video, and I think this one because of the instructors excellent verbal cues and guidance makes a wonderful beginning Yoga program. But, that said, it is still a deep good stretch with interesting enough sequences that I feel the intermediate and possibly even the more advanced practitioner would still find this a good workout.
This, in my opinion is one of the few good ones out there that meets the needs of both the beginner and more seasoned practitioner, a hard bill to fill, but well done with this video!


Missus Wookie said...

I used to do Yoga and keep meaning to carve out time to do so again.

Thanks for your comment Tara. It is usually cold rain.... just about freezing :brrr: and a very damp cold!

Karen (KayKay) said...

I've never tried yoga, but this is making me want to give it a go. Maybe I will - it sounds very relaxing.

appleleaf said...

I've been doing some Yoga on my Wii Fit that I got at Christmas time and have really taken to it. I'd really like to join a group, as you do.

Anonymous said...

Ali McGraw Yoga Mind and Body was the first yoga tape I bought over 10 years ago. (I've since replaced it with the DVD version.) I had no experience with yoga at all. I still do it at least 2-3 times a month 10 years later. I really like it.

I love the scenery. I have done it so many times though that I could actually do the entire thing without the DVD. I can see how the scenery could be distracting or make it a little harder to follow since the camera is not always focused on the people doing the poses. But now that I know it so well it is almost like I am there looking at the beautiful scenery.

Jenny (LuvMy2Blessings on SL)