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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hymns For A Kid's Heart

There is just something about the older, traditional hymns. I don't know what it is, but they hold the test of time. There are all sorts of nice, newer, contemporary songs that come out, and while I really like a lot of them, there is just something about those hymns!

They have the ability to help take me from an irritable, cranky mood to a much better state of mind rather quickly. I can find comfort in them when needed. It seems the right tune always comes to mind just when I need it most.

As a pastor I once met put it; there is just something about knowing you're singing the same songs that have been sung for generations and generations.

I want to be sure I pass on my love of the hymns to my children. My traditional church sings mostly hymns, so I take comfort in knowing they are learning and singing many of them every Sunday morning, but I know many churches aren't singing them at all any more. These songs have been with us as far back as the 1500's at least! These are the ones that have stood the test of time!

Now there is a wonderful new resource to help parents, and grandparents pass on these wonderful songs to the next generation!
Hymns For a Kid's Heart is a wonderful resource for all families whether homeschooling or not, but it adds alot of options for use within the homeschool!

There are several volumes and each includes a beautifully done, high quality CD recording of children singing the hymns. Each hymn has a story about the writer, a devotion, and Bible verses to meditate on, as well as the words and music for each song!

They have a website with lots of extras and tips and ideas on how to use this wonderful program!

It is wonderful to be used just as is, but we stretch it a bit further by using the hymn for our copywork assignments for the week/month that we are studying that hymn.

I HIGHLY recommend this resource, I myself am enjoying learning about the great writers of many of these hymns. I only have the volume I linked to, but plan on getting them all as finances allow!

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appleleaf said...

I LOVE the words of the old hymns and often think it's sad that they're not sung so often for the younger generation. This definitely sounds like a great resource.
I just want to say thanks for keeping us updated with the way things are going with your baby granddaughter. It must be hard for you to write, but your posts are encouraging for all of us (ie What you said about really letting go of a situation). I'll just pray that things work out the best for you all.