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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Simple Act of Kindness

Each day I become more and more convinced that foster parents are today's unsung hero's. Nobody writes songs about them, there aren't great memorials lifted to them, they rarely even make the news or papers. But to me they are hero's worthy or our recognition.

As I have shared in the past(quite often, I'm afraid!) my granddaughter is in a foster home while her future is being determined. I am thankful that someone is willing to take care of her during this time. To me that is enough, that she is in a loving home being well provided for during these uncertain times. That alone, makes this foster mom and many like her, my own personal hero.

This incredible lady didn't stop there though. She could have. She's done and is doing what is required of her. She takes excellent care of my granddaughter, shows up for visitation, and follows all the guidelines. No, she didn't stop there. She regularly has been driving my daughter to her appointments following visitation. She has been very kind to my daughter, while others in her shoes may judge her harshly as it was her own actions that caused her child to be removed. She has shown nothing but genuine kindness.

What she did yesterday blew me away though. It seems like such a simple little thing, but the impact was pretty huge!

She first gave my daughter some new pictures of my grandchild all dressed up and cute. Then she made a bouquet of Valentines flowers and addressed them to my daughter from my granddaughter! How sweet and thoughtful is that? Here this lady has taken on the task of the day to day care of a near newborn infant. She feeds, bathes, gets up for those mid-night feedings, all that goes along with an infant. Then she has the additional concerns of showing up for visits which I am sure affects her own schedule. All of this with probably not even a thank you. Sure she receives money for being a foster mom, but I can assure you it barely covers the expenses, if it even does.

This simple act of kindness made a huge impact on my daughter(which can be hard to do!) She was so humbled by it and thankful at the same time. Even my daughter realized what a special thing that was to do. Not only that, but it made her feel special and made her day. By the time I heard about it several hours later, my daughter was still on cloud nine over it!

I am so thankful for this woman who is taking such great care of my granddaughter, and showing such kindness to my daughter. I sure hope someone thinks to send this wonderful person a special bouquet today for Valentines Day, she surely deserves AT LEAST that!

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mideastmom said...

Wow. What an incredible thing to do. Some serious jewels in her crown are awaiting her, don't you think?