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Friday, February 20, 2009

What Would You Do With $20.00?

If someone gifted you with $20.00 what would you buy? A Starbucks treat maybe? A new lipstick? Let's face it $20.00 doesn't go far these days, and if we do get a "gift" of such a small amount we usually use it for a small splurge for ourselves right?

Well, today I got another letter from Betty, one of the children I sponsor through Compassion.

It was a sweet letter as usual, full of updates on little Betty's life, but mostly a thanks of a small cash Christmas Gift sent and details of what she did with it.

What did little Betty do with that small gift? Let's see, she bought a dress, pair of shoes, 1 loaf of bread, some rice and sugar. Oh, and she also gave an offering at church! If you recall, Betty is but five years old. She is turning six next month.

She again thanked me for the Birthday Gift of the same amount in which she used most of it to buy some pigs for the family to raise, which she updated are both doing fine!

She shared her memory verse for the week(John 1:12) as well as her favorite song(Jesus Carried Me on His Back) and most exciting shared that she "now knows that she is a child of God."

Letters like these sure make me re-think how I will spend my own money, and how what seems like so little to me, can be so much to someone else...Letters like these make me think alot about life in general...

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