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Thursday, March 12, 2009

His Many Hats..

It has been about seven months since Daniels burn, and we are still going to the Dr. regularly for it. While we now only go once every three months and to the plastic surgeon rather than the burn clinic we are still far from done.

The bandages are all gone, and we only apply over the counter ointments and lotions. It is all going well. Here you can see the progress in healing from the day it happened to just ten minutes ago when I snapped the last photo.

This whole incident really has been a pretty big deal in our lives, but mostly Daniels for sure.

Before this happened he had planned on being a priest or pastor:

After this happened he wanted to be a paramedic as he was really impressed/impacted with those who tended to his wounds in route to the hospital/burn clinic:

While he still wants to be a medic, now it is in the military rather than civilian:

Today this really all came full circle for me. You see, we went on a tour of the local fire station with our homeschool group. It is always a fun tour and it is a great group of guys down there, they are always great with the kids.

One of the gentlemen was asking who was the mother of Daniel. I fessed up fearing he had done something he shouldn't of.....It turns out this was one of the fellows first to respond to the call when my son was burned! He remembered my sons face all these long months later!

(our "hero")

Pretty cool getting to meet one of my sons "heroes." I am sitting here feeling just a little bad though as here I had the perfect opportunity to thank this special person, who not only "rescued" my son in his time of need, but cared enough to remember him all this time later, and I let the opportunity slip right by for some unknown reason(other than being highly distracted and known to be a bit flaky at times!) Now that I know where to find him, I am going to be sure to send a thank you card and/or letter. He was just doing his job I am sure, but his job made a huge difference in the life of my son and his job makes him a hero in my book!


Tiffany said...

How cool that the fireman remembered your son.

Thanks for your comment the other day on the Global Food Crisis post - we made it to 127 comments!

Karen (KayKay) said...

I think that is wonderful that the fire man remembered your son. What a great thing to get to meet one of your heroes!

Jennifer / jandjsoulmates said...

Very cool that you got to meet one of the firemen who helped Daniel! And it looks like his burn is healing nicely. I'm so glad! Tell everyone hello from us!