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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maybe They Just Don't Know...

Since my last post I just haven't been able to stop thinking about Haiti and those vacationers on that private beach. I must say I was mighty angry, then it dawned on me, perhaps I was too hard on them. Maybe they just didn't know. Really, how many people really know what goes on in the rest of the world?

I would like to think that if people knew, they'd care. News of hunger, poverty and violence don't often make the news headlines until either Hollywood makes a movie about it or some celebrity brings awareness.

Luckily there are people who for one reason or another have become educated on the needs of others beyond the borders of the United States. While searching for more information on Haiti for my possible upcoming trip I found out that just today former President Bill Clinton made a trip to Haiti, hoping to raise awareness. While never a big fan of Clinton, he just earned a huge amount of respect from me! Further reading informed me that he has been involved and concerned for Haiti for sometime now. While I am so pleased he is trying to bring awareness, did you read about it in the news? I couldn't find it anywhere in the US news, but I did find in on the BBC news, why is that? HERE is a link to that story and some video footage.

Then as I went back to the site I linked to awhile back about Haiti, I learned more about the founder of the Mercy and Sharing Foundation. What an incredible lady with her own incredible story! Here is just one video I found of her today:

She recently has started a blog as well. It just goes to show one person CAN make a difference!

I also found others including a Haitian rapper who are doing what they can to help out. I would like to think others would do the same if only they were aware of the crisis. It seems awareness may be limited without others speaking out for Haiti though, as unless UN or US soldiers or facilities are harmed, places like Haiti just don't make the headlines. Oh sure, there is some footage after the big storms and floods, but beyond that, how often do you hear of places like Haiti unless our own government is involved or someone is wanting a pat on the back? That needs to change!

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Jennifer / jandjsoulmates said...

Audio Adrenaline (a Christian band) also has an orphanage near Jacmel, Haiti. It's called Hands and Feet and looks like an awesome place! I'm on their mailing list and I love to read the updates. Thanks for posting about The Mercy and Sharing Foundation! I'm heading over to check them out in a bit!