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Friday, March 6, 2009

Now, This is Yoga the Way I Was Taught!!!

I got impatient waiting for the Shiva Rea Yoga video I was so excited about getting. Three weeks and it still hadn't shipped. In the meanwhile I read a couple of reviews by people whom I respect and it just didn't sound like my cup of tea anyway.

So, I cancelled my order and for about half the price got Brian Kests Power Yoga.

I have to say I am quite impressed! This is Yoga how I was taught! I have dozens of Yoga DVD's and several of the poses I learned and loved aren't on any of them....until now! This program has all of them! Well, most of them, at least my favorites.

This one DVD has three different levels, and really each level just builds upon the previous. I consider myself intermediate level after practicing for 4-5 years(I lose count, it seems like I've been doing it forever!) and I was able to do level one and two easily, but still felt quite stretched when done. I watched level three in fast forward and plan on doing it tomorrow. From what I can tell, I can do all but two of the poses.

Some of the reviews on Amazon suggested this wasn't for beginners. I disagree. The level one has very good instruction and as I said, this is the Yoga I learned from the beginning. Brian Kest is VERY good about reminding us to be content where we are, that there is no perfect pose, wherever we are is perfect. I personally loved learning this way when I started, I have tried other "beginning" programs and was bored to tears, and I am not a huge fan of props. You can use your own body as a prop by just modifying where you place you hands, etc.. I personally like being challenged, and this program challenges all from the beginner to the more experienced practitioner.

I really liked this one. It is far from perfect, I have yet to find a perfect video program. One may have a soothing voice that I love, the other may have great music, one may give great verbal cues, but none as of yet have all. I do think this is going to become one of my favorites, I am actually looking forward to my practice tomorrow. It has been a long time since I've been able to say that!

It did bother or annoy me for some reason that he wore blue jeans to practice in , but that's probably just my pet peeve. I certainly couldn't imagine practicing in jeans! His explanations were quite good. The person I learned from was my Kendo master, and his English wasn't very good at the time, so he more "showed" us what to do rather than tell us. It was nice after all of these years to get an explanation of what I should be feeling in a pose, or what direction my belly or spine should be aiming. Even after all of these years, I still have more to learn!

I would give this four to four and a half stars out of five. I am reserving five for that perfect video if and when I ever find it, but this comes closer than any other for me!


Karen (KayKay) said...

I'm glad that you found the video that was right for you. I've been wanting to do yoga - I'm a complete beginner. Maybe this is the one for me to try.

Red said...

I have recently been watching FitTV and watching their yoga show. Makes me want to brag a mat. But my doctor wants to to try pilates on my first time out. something about ti strengthening your central core, and since the back surgery this summer, well, you see.

Tara. Drop me an Email when you get a chance, no rush. danette_jalil[at] yahoo[dot]com