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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That Was a Flop!

In an attempt to save money I began making my own laundry soap awhile back. At first I considered the experiment successful, and ignored warnings of dingy whites and such as all seemed to be going well.

Slowly I noticed I had very few whites anymore, they were turning grayish...I figured I'd use a commercial detergent on those and still use my homemade formula on my colors. Then I noticed my pinks weren't quite as pink nor my blacks quite so black.

While the money savings were significant, in the end they really weren't as some clothes now need replacing. I guess nothing beats good old Tide and Clorox 2.

Thought I'd share as I didn't want to leave the impression it was still going as well as thought and lead anyone astray. Of course if anyone has had success with their own, I'd love to hear about it!


appleleaf said...

Makes me think nobody in the "good ole days" probably had the brightness of clothes that we're used to. Thanks for sharing the experiment. We'll learn from your experience.
About fitness, I was given a Wii Fit console for birthday & Christmas (which come together for me) and it's the best exercise programme I've tried yet. It's got several yoga poses on it but a veteran like yourself would probably find them pretty tame.
I have a couple of Leslie Sansone DVDs too. They got a bit same-ish so I'm glad to read her advice about varying your fitness routine. I've never tried Kendo but it sounds awesome.
Have a good week,

Karen (KayKay) said...

I'm glad to read this. I was thinking about trying it - but you have saved me the trouble! Thanks. I don't like for the whites to not be really white.

mary grace said...

I have been successful with homemade detergent for quite a while ... BUT--I use store bought on the towels, and add a little extra Borax when I run a load of whites.

Red said...

I have been making my own laundry soap for about 2 years now. And yes we have the dingies.

We do not wear a whole lot of white clothes other than undies and socks. I does not bother me.

I do it for thee environment. Making our own detergent is o much better. So for now, I am willing to put up with the dingies.