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Thursday, April 23, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

I thought I should update you all on how things turned out with all of our crashed or broken vehicles. It certainly could have been much worse and we're thankful it wasn't.

Other than needing a new front tire(which isn't in the budget just now) and some minor bumper damage, it appears the van and driver will be fine.

The Jeep just was plain old out of gas and something about a vacuum line according to my husband.

Oh, and I did eventually get that Monster drink after all!

So while yesterday things seemed overwhelming, today I can actually laugh about the fact that what were the chances of our "rescue" vehicle running out of gas at the worse time possible, and even find the amusement in the fact that I was caught out walking about Anza in my hot pink house slippers! Probably not such a strange sight for these parts anyhow.

So really in the end it is all okay and just adds to the stories we will use to humiliate our dear son when he first brings home that special someone!


Mrs. Curtis said...

I'm glad everything worked out!!!!!

Red said...

I hate those phone calls. But I am so glad everyone is all right!!!!