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Monday, April 6, 2009

Even When Times Are Tough

I am awed and amazed at the generosity of others even when we are going through such rough financial times these days!

The other night when I found Ismaline, the newest little girl I sponsor from Haiti through Compassion, there were at least twelve little girls from Haiti needing sponsors. Besides Ismaline, there were two other very young girls that tugged at my heart a little and I was determined to find them sponsors as well.

So, yesterday when my brother was here, I went to the Compassion site to find them and encourage him to sponsor one of them(even though I have child packets here of children I am seeking sponsors for) Well, imagine my surprise and joy when I find they were both sponsored. There were still six or more girls, mostly older needing sponsors.

I just now went to Compassion to see if any new children have been posted, and not only were there not any new ones, but ALL of the girls in Haiti were sponsored!! There is not one little girl in Haiti posted on the site at this moment! Oh how I wish and pray it could always stay so!

I don't know, but I just find that amazing that ALL of the posted girls found sponsors! Praise God! Wow!!

There are lots of little boys in Haiti seeking sponsors still. And of course there are always children, boy and girl alike all over the globe in desperate need of sponsors.


appleleaf said...

This really warms my heart to read. I'm so glad. Compassion do such a fantastic job. We had a little girl through Compassion but one day we received a letter telling us that her family has now moved to an area which was not covered by Compassion. That was a sad day.
Thanks for your comment. I think I will start the new blog soon and will let you know when.

Karen (KayKay) said...

Compassion does such a great job. We sponsor a 12 year old girl. My daughters wanted to sponsor someone closer to their age and we had heard that it is more difficult for them to find sponsors for the older children. It is a real joy to write to her and get her letters.

The Rambo Family said...

Today, I sponsored a child in India through Compassion. Your blog inspired me to even look into it and the Blog "Bring the Rain", helped me to decide to do it today. You should check out her blog, any child sponsored through Compassion today, gets a extra gift in memory of her youngest daughter.
I was torn about sponsoring through Compassion because it is a christian organization. I am christian myself but I am conflicted about "forcing" Christianity on others, I believe all religions are important. One is not better than the other; but after some research, I felt donations did the most for the children through Compassion.
Thank you for opening my eyes!

Tara B. said...

Rambo Family, I am SO glad you decided to sponsor a child. Even happier that he/she is from India. I have almost as big a heart for India as I do for Haiti. The first two children we sponsored, I had intended to sponsor from India! I feel as you do about the "forced Christianity" thing. But after researching further I learned that while parents agree to allow their sponsored child to be taught about Jesus and Christianity, it isn't forced, and even if the child never accepts Christianity as their own faith, they are still able to recieve the full benefits of the program. I also checked out the website you mentioned and plan to spend much time there later, it is beautiful.

Karen, Yes, it is much harder for the older chidren to find sponsors for some reason. They wait much longer it seems.

Paula, Can't wait for your new blog! And I am sure you know you can sponsor again if you ever feel led to do so!