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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Famous Homeschoolers

I copied this list from the Teaching Home Newsletter.

Stacy Conradt wrote "10 Famous Homeschooled People" for Mental Floss magazine. Her list includes the following people, four of whom were taught by their fathers.
1. Agatha Christie, a painfully shy girl.
2. Pearl S. Buck, whose mother taught her English in China.
3. Alexander Graham Bell, homeschooled by his mother until he was about 10.
4. Thomas Edison, who would probably be diagnosed with ADD today, was homeschooled by his mother after three months of public school because his mind wouldn't stop wandering.
5. Ansel Adams was homeschooled by his father after being removed from the classroom at the age of 12.
6. Robert Frost, who got literally sick of school.
7. Woodrow Wilson, who studied under his dad and didn't read until age 12.
8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was educated by his father while touring Europe.
9. Laura Ingalls Wilder, who was homeschooled until her parents settled in the Dakota Territory.
10. Louisa May Alcott, who studied mostly with her dad.
Hat tip to HSLDA.

There are many, many more. HERE is one list with several.

Clearly, homeschooling works!

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