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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today is my sponsored child from Uganda, Betty's birthday. She will be turning seven! I so wish I could be there to share her day with her. I wonder what it will be like? I don't suppose it would resemble the birthday celebrations we are used to attending here in the U.S.

Will she have a cake? A party? Gifts? If so, again I doubt it will be much like our own children are used to. Last year she used the birthday money I sent for a pig for her family to raise, and some other necessities, before using a little amount on candy for her and her baby brother.

Her Christmas money was about the same, staples such as grains and sugars, although she did get her self a new dress and shoes, which makes me glad to know she has something special and new just for her!

I wonder what she will use it for this year? I am sure to get a letter in the next few months explaining just how she used it. I love these letters as it shows me how she is maturing and how caring and generous she is with what little she has. It provides a good lesson for my own children, not to mention myself!


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