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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed that those who seem to have the least are often the most generous? This has often been my experience. I think of the widow and her mite. It was all she had. Today more than ever I am convinced this is the case after reading this:

A “children’s church” of more than 40 neighborhood kids in St. Marc, Haiti, learned about North Korea one Sunday. The teacher said that North Koreans are very poor, often sick, and do not always have clean drinking water.
The children in Haiti understood. Many people in their country are poor and sick, too. But the teacher explained that North Korea is different. North Koreans cannot go to church when they want to, own a Bible, or learn about Jesus. The Haitian children said they would be very afraid without God to help them through their struggles.
One boy handed the teacher a Haitian dollar, worth about 20 cents in U.S. money. He could have bought a meal with the money. Other children gave more out of the little they had. The children asked the teacher to send the money to help VOM float Scripture balloons into North Korea so the people could learn about God. (The balloons are launched from nearby countries.) “We Haitians need to learn to be a lot more thankful,” said one child.

Imagine, here these Haitian kids are, many of them literally starving and THEY feel they need to learn to be alot more thankful? Wow, kinda puts us in our place doesn't it? Surely we who have so much in comparison can learn a powerful lesson in compassion and generosity...

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