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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Out Of Four

It's just been one of THOSE say the least. It all started rather routine until my oldest son started to struggle with his Algebra and I offered him a break in exchange for him getting our mail and him and I a cold energy drink from the market.

Seeing as his car is pretty much broke down, he took my van. Not more than 2-3 minutes after he left I get a panicked call that he has "crashed." I take our old rusty yet reliable Jeep down to get him and assess the damage. This is what I find:

Now this picture just doesn't give justice to the situation. You can't see the front where the whole drivers side and the underside are buried in this dirt. The other thing to understand is that my son was on the OTHER side of the road and somehow ended up over here. I am not sure what happened. He claims the van started shaking really bad then he went to press the breaks and they went all the way down while making a grinding noise and wouldn't work, and some how he ended up here.

I tried to pull him out with the Jeep as it is a four wheel drive and usually quite dependable in such circumstances, but it was a no-go. Even after spending a half an hour digging and digging with a shovel.

The nice thing about living in a small rural community is that people are kind, and stop to help. We had several people offer to help and one sweet guy stayed just about the whole time, digging and trying to assist. He then called a friend with a hefty four wheel to pull us out, all I had to do was move the Jeep. No problem....until it just died right then and there! I was worried about running out of gas and that seemed to be the case.

So these guys all push my Jeep to the opposite side of the road which is no easy or safe task as this is a very curvy, windy road. The other four wheel pulled the van out in a snap. Of course, here I sit typing while both the van and jeep sit down the hill still. Why? Well, the vans front tire blew out and the tire jack is here as well as the gas can(I should interject here that I had no choice but to leave the sleeping toddler and nine and twelve year olds here alone) so we had to walk about a half a mile (in my house slippers, UP hill) to come get everything.

We take my sons Geo Tracker back down which has not been starting, and if you do get it started, you can't turn it off, or it may not turn back on again...anyway, long story short, we put some gas in the Jeep and it still wont start, yikes! I come home, and my son remains down the hill trying to get a spare tire on the van. I'm only hoping and praying there isn't any further damage than the tire on the van, and that the jeep isn't a goner either!

So, for now at least three out of four of our vehicles are either broke, crashed or plain old unreliable. Not good considering the one working one is gone with my husband at work thirteen hours a day, leaving me at home in the middle of nowhere with four overly active boys which regularly warrant trips to the urgent care!

My life is never dull, that's for sure! And the walk will only increase my calorie burning, so I guess not all is lost. And I did learn it may be a good idea to invest in another cell phone to stay at home in such circumstances as I was panic stricken the whole time that they were getting worried when we were gone so long as they've never been home alone.

And the moral to the whole thing is that I really need to give up this no good Monster Energy Drink habit, it causes nothing but trouble!!

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tara L said...

My Oh My! What a pickle. Stranger things have happened, this is Anza. We you know we have a mini- van and are always open for assistance for those trips to eargent care or fire dept. We always for the car inventory and think about the flook mis-happes.
Love and we are all pulling for you. The "other" Tara.