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Friday, May 15, 2009

Biggest Loser Power Sculpt

I am so thankful for my library, as I feel it has saved me lots of money by letting me check out these tapes and "try before I buy." This particular DVD is a case where I am very thankful as it totally did not live up to my expectations at all!

This like many of the Biggest Loser tapes is broken up into three segments or levels. It is suggested you start at level one and add in another level each week or two until you are doing all three for your workout.

The warm up was a little lacking in my opinion, but it was ok. Level one starts off with Jillian Michaels leading. You all know by now I am a HUGE Jillian fan. Her DVD's have done more for me in a few short weeks than years of other programs. But....I was most disappointed in her segment(maybe because I had the highest expectations from her?) I didn't feel the least bit challenged and was quite bored. Also I'd recommend using 5-10 lb weights here. I normally use 3 with her No More Trouble Zones tape, and am challenged due to the high reps, but this segment of the tape had very low reps, so I'd recommend going higher on the weights.

Level two was Kim(I don't know her last name, never saw her before) the workout was okay although rather short. I found her to be rather annoying though. Too perky to the point of annoying. I wouldn't say the workout was great or even good, it was okay.

So far I'd give this DVD two out of five stars.

The last level was Bob Harpers. Again rather short(level one is 20 minutes with levels 2-3 being 10 minutes each) This segment definitely belonged as level three(where as in another tape, the level three was the easiest!) this level was the hardest, and finally made me break out in a sweat! I wish it could have lasted longer! Because of this level I give this tape three out of five stars!

Why so low? Well, first off it just wasn't very challenging at all. While a negative for me, this would be a plus for someone just starting off, but I am still not sure it is worthy of more stars. The whole thing, even each separate level felt choppy and unorganized. While I understand it is three separate levels, who that is serious about exercise and staying fit is really only going to workout for one ten minute segment? You really need to do the full 50 minutes(five minutes each for warm up and cool down) and each segment has several repeat exercises from previous segments.

I am finding on many of the Biggest Loser tapes, they are very big on lunges and squats, both of which can be great moves, but in my opinion highly over done on these tapes. Even on Bobs Boot Camp tape which I gave a much better review on, those moves were pretty over done, although not nearly as much as this tape.

Let's face it...most of us who are going to be trying the Biggest Loser tapes are either a bit older than the usual 20 something group that tends to buy and use exercise tapes, or pretty heavy hoping to lose pounds. Neither group in my opinion should have that much pressure on their knees. I will say that I've always had weak knees and was concerned about making them more sore than they already are(I am thin, but in the older category, nearing 40 in a few weeks, YIKES!) but I am finding since learning to do these move correctly, and doing them regularly, my knees are actually getting stronger and feeling better. Normally Jillian is great about reminding us of proper form for a lunge or squat, and Bob does pretty well too, but I felt while there were some cues and reminders in this tape, not enough, making it potentially risky for heavier exercisers or those with bum knees.

If you are already Shredding with Jillian Michaels in any of the three of her tapes I have reviewed here, definitely leave this one on the stores shelf. It will be far too simple for you and boring.

If you are a new exerciser or heavier, I think I'd recommend Biggest Loser Boot Camp over this one.

On a positive note, while on the Boot Camp tape I complained about the contestants being sloppy and using bad form, on this tape all the leaders did a great job of correcting them from any mistakes they were making, there for helping us too, to use proper form

Overall though, this isn't one of the better Biggest Loser tapes by any means. There are some good to great ones made by them or their trainers, this just isn't one of them.

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