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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Billy's Boot Camp

I've had Billy's Boot Camp DVD on hold at the library and got the chance to try it out this morning.

I did the Basic Training video. I didn't have the recommended Billy Bands but he says that's okay, you can still get an effective workout without them. I did however choose to use my 2lb hand weights. I found several of the moves quite difficult with those and got a very good workout!

He does a complete warm up which I often find lacking in other workout videos, so it was refreshing not to have to pause and add more myself as I often find myself doing in other tapes.

The moves overall are fairly simple to slow mode, but once he speeds it up I found myself struggling to stay coordinated and on cue. I think after a couple times of doing this video though I would catch on.

I really would like to try this with the Billy bands though. I think it would add more to the leg segments that using hand weights just don't add much to. It does look like it may add to my coordination issues though, so we'll have to see.

Not being familiar with the Tae Bo style workouts myself, I can't comment on how this compares to his other workouts. From what it sounds like this is the intro tape into his other tapes in the series. I am interested and considering buying the whole package deal which includes all the DVD's and Billy Bands along with some extras. It seems reasonably priced at $39.99.

After the segment with the bands he moves into some basic floor exercises such as push ups(these are actually done several times throughout the video) lots of ab work, and a nice cool down.

This was a nice change from my regular workout, and I am really considering adding it into my regular routine. I do have a few complaints though. One is when he starts moving faster, or is preparing to, he starts talking so fast it is hard to understand him. Also the music seems a bit off sometimes. The pace of the music picks up when the exercises are slowing down and vice versa. Not too big a deal, but for those that really pay attention to music as I know some of you do, it may bother you, as such things I rarely notice, and this was annoying enough that I even noticed it

Other than those items though I give this pretty high ratings. Four out of five stars. I suspect though that once the basics in this are mastered, it would get boring, and you'd want to move on to the next level in the series, so because of that, unless you are purchasing the whole set, I'd recommend borrowing this level from the library or Netflix rather than buying.

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