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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favorite Moves

I just picked up two Tae Bo videos from the library this week and was disappointed that one; Total Body Fat Blaster really needed the Billy Bands to be used effectively. I watched it and decided while it looked like a good workout, without the bands, it seemed kind of senseless.

The second video Billy's Favorite Moves looked kind of silly when I just watched it. There were some silly dance type moves which I am not a big fan of. I almost didn't try it as like most things in life, I take my workouts rather seriously, and didn't care for the silliness of it.

This morning, which is a cardio day for me, I was not really in the mood for my usual tape, so I tried this one just for a change of pace. I am glad I did! Yes, the first ten minutes or so were rather silly with some of the moves, but once it got to the punching and kicking it was fun and serious! I broke out into a fairly good sweat and felt like I got a pretty good workout.

His cues and instruction on this tape were much better than the other I reviewed a few weeks ago. I really like that this was all cardio, no toning. While I love toning the best, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I like to do pure cardio and with the exception of my regular tape, have a hard time finding a challenging cardio tape with no toning. This one fills the bill just great!

At only 45 minutes long, it allows me to follow up with a good yoga workout with the time I have in the mornings. While it moves pretty fast and is challenging, I think an advanced beginner and up would do just fine. Allow yourself a few runs through to get the hang of all the moves.

I will be adding this one as well as the Boot Camp series earlier reviewed to my collection and regular workout!

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