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Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again!

We always have a late freeze and frost where we live, so we don't plant outdoors until after mothers day each year. Yesterday my husband did all of the hard work for me, and we are just about done!

We have to plant in barrels and other high containers due to a huge rabbit problem we've never been able to get under control. We've had great success with the barrels though, at many peoples surprise. We have in the past been able to grow cucumbers, strawberries, squash, radishes, carrots and green onions. This last year we had tomatoes coming out of our ears, something we had never been able to grow well before.

This year we are planting all of the above, plus red and green bell peppers. I didn't plan ahead as usual, and start seeds indoors, so once again we had to purchase plants from the nursery.

Here are just a couple of our barrels with plants in them. Once they get going I will post more photos of all of them. It is quite a sight to see them all lined up overflowing with greenery and fresh veggies.

Our fruit trees we planted years ago are coming into maturity, and we are having hit and miss luck with them. Our peach tree has been faithfully producing for about three years now, although the birds seem to get more of the fruit than we do.

Our pear tree has only given us about three pears a year, but has always appeared rather healthy, but this year, it isn't looking so hot....

I really have no idea what happened to it, but I am not giving up, as two years ago my apricot tree got ate by one of my goats and was just a dead looking stick in the ground about 6 inches high and check it out this year:

It's even bearing some fruit! I had given up on it, and my husband insisted it was still alive. I am glad now that I listened to him!

We have a plum tree, which like the pear tree, looks okay, but has never given us any fruit.

I think the problem here is the late freeze. They bloom out in early April, and in late April/early May we get a snow or deep freeze killing all the blooms.

We have a little more planting to do today, then we have fresh fruit and veggies, that actually taste like what their suppose to taste like to look forward to! I can't tell you how many times lately I've bought fruit or veggies and they tasted like water, not fruit!

A big part of our garden is to save money, but the added benefit, is the taste! I will be back with photos as we start to see it produce!


Karen (KayKay) said...

That all looks great! I bet the barrels make it so easy to work with the plants also - not a lot of bending.

Red said...

I never liked yard work until just recently. It is my therapy!