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Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Do It!

I can't tell you how many mornings I get up and just really don't want to exercise(like nearly every morning!) Some days I really have to force myself, as I really try and talk myself out of it. Either I am too sore from the day before, or I didn't sleep and am too tired, or a million other excuses I can make up.

I almost always force myself to just go and do it promising myself that if I don't feel anymore motivated after ten minutes or so I can just quit then. You know what? I never do quit! Once I get started I feel so good that I keep on going.

I never once have regretted getting in a good workout, but how often do you not workout then totally regret it all day long? I'd rather have no regrets, so I just do it!

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The Cooking Lady said...

I've been trying to get more regular with my exercise (which is still just walking since the surgery last year) and I am struggling with keeping up on my routine.

And yet, I feel soooo good when I do tale my walk, even if it is just one block around with the pooch.

What I am liking is when I add a few reps of free weights. Nothing major, just a few sets of this and that, but man do I feel better.

Just do it!